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The itch that cannot be itched...

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  2005.05.09  22.02

hey guys sorry for dying and not telling anybody. I guess I'm moving over to xanga since a lot of my friends have it. Make one!!!! lol. my username is wardenofgrief...wow, how obvious eh? anyways, I'll meet ya there! *wink*

Mood: sooo sleepy...
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  2005.04.30  19.52
Today's Adventure in Huongypoo's world

So today I was at the mall looking for danger when suddenly, I spotted the manga I need. Tuxedo Gin Volume 8! I just knew i had to save it! I scooped it up from its prime and read it a little. Then, trouble occurred. The evil, diabolcal villan came into the store and rushed me. Who was it? None other than Dad-Man-Man-Man-Man-Man-Man! I just knew I had to hurry so I went up to the cash register and gave them my money and i was out of there. Man, that was a close one. After that, we went to a few stores. As we were leaving through Sears, we passed by the hammer section. My manical mind went into action. I picked up one of the hammer and started banging through the spaces between my fingers. Suddenly, my hand, oh God!, my hand! It...it flinched and I smashed my fingers. I complained and complained and complained and well I complained some more about the pain and agony I was going through but it all wear away.

The End.

Mood: creative
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  2005.04.30  10.49

Just got back from the fucking DMV and empty-handed. I waited there for like hours. Why am I empty-handed? My dad lost my birth certificate!!!!!! UGH! I just wanted to slap him! Now how the hell can i take my permit exam! I am so pissed off.

Anyways...I'm going to the mall today, don't know which mall but whatever. if you have nothing to do i guess you can call my cell three.1.seven-6.eight.0.six and i'll meet you up somewhere. Dammit, i should've given my number to Charlie. oh well.

Mood: infuriated
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  2005.04.29  16.37
New Layout

Yo guys. Check out my new layout. It's suppose to be relevant to a song I wrote called "An Itch That Cannot Be Itched". I hope you guys like it cause I do. lol. later.

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  2005.04.27  20.59

Gosh, this song is hot. lol.

Anyways, I guess I'm kind of over Moose...*sigh* yet I still have feelings for him (after all the shit he put me through), but I guess you gotta move on ya know. I'm going to keep him locked in my itty bitty heart. So currently, A LOT of my friends that have connections with Charlie is trying to hook me up with him. *roll eyes*
Awww he's so sweet. During lunch, he came up to me and asked me if liked him and he was like, "well i'm willing to go out with you if you're okay with it." I told him that I didn't really want a relationship yet. Anyway, he understanded and then we hung out during lunch. He gave me his pizza, whooop, but he bit off of it, oh well. Then, he went off to get napkins. He past by a group of these ghetto girls and let out a huge belch. it was so effin' sexy and hilarious. lol. then girls threw stuff at him when he came back and we all laughed even the group of girls and he did too.

After that, he walked me to my 4th period class which is upstairs in the D building and then his class was all the way in the effin' portables. Awww, that's the sweetest thing. Then, he came after 4th to take me to my 5th period class. None of my ex's did that or ever would.

Oh yeah once again, i have my information incorrect again. He isn't a sophmore. He's a friggin' junior and he's 18! OMG, ahhh that's so hot.

He friggin' cute, write music, plays bass and guitar, a Christian (meaning he's not evil and demented like me and he's good-hearted), funny, sweet and athletic (he skateboarded for 4 years and now he BMX...oh yeah). LOL.

Even though a lot of my friends told me I should just move on with him...i'm not. I think it's just too soon and i really want to fully get over him.

Oh yeah, dammit this boy name Micheal that lives near my neighborhood is like in the 8th grade (supposedly failed 2x...riiight). His friend and him kept banging on my door and kept asking if i wanted to go out with him. First off, HELL NO! He's effin' ugly and (no offense) but he's black and i have nothing in common with him. Then he was all sad and he......=_=....took a flower out of my mom's beautiful garden and placed it in the keyhole. That guy's an idiot.

Oh yeah, yesterday, my fat friend name Patrick tried to ask me out. not to be mean but he's pretty ugly. and he talks about perverted things too much. Okay he was like hey huong so do you want to go out sometimes...just as friends! just as friends...and i was like uhh i don't hang out at malls...and left. ewww, he's gross.

So yeah, i sound like a whore. I'm just going to block guys out of my life. orrr...

*opens a stand* Line up bitches! I'm a muthafuckin' pimp! *pops my collar*

Mood: indescribale - feeling mixed
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  2005.04.25  16.09

Don't ever say you love someone unless you mean it...

Mood: hurt
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  2005.04.24  19.20
Complaining to the doctor...

Hey doc. Son of a bitch! Damn allergy season. My throat feels like it's effin swollen shut. I have my effin period! Do you have anything to kill the pain for all of these symptoms?

Fuck no.

hahaha. I hope one day that'll happen. Well, I actually am sick like a puppy. Every year during spring time I get nose bleeds, swollen tonsils (I should get them removed one day but eh..nahh), hay fever, chills, or a cold or a variation of these together. Right now I only have the swollen tonsils and I can feel the hay fever coming to me. later kiddiez.

Mood: sore
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